Seminar Recording: More-than-Human Perspectives, Wildlife Economies and Zoonosis

The fourth seminar in our virtual series was held on 28 May, 2pm – 3pm BST

On 28 May 2021, Wildlife Trade Futures held the fourth seminar in its virtual series on wildlife trade and COVID-19. Seminar 4: More-Than-Human Perspectives, Wildlife Economies and Zoonosis has now taken place and a recording of the seminar is available below.

In the fourth seminar of the series, Tanya Wyatt (Northumbria University), Jude Fernando (Clark University), Liana Chua (Brunel University London), and Brock Bersaglio (University of Birmingham) discuss how more-than-human perspectives and attention to nonhuman lives may help us to better understand the relationship between COVID-19, wildlife economies and zoonosis.

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