Participate in our ‘Horizon Scan’

Are you involved in developing policy responses to COVID-19 in the wildlife sector? Do you have knowledge of policies being proposed or implemented to control the spread of COVID-19 and other zoonotic diseases through wildlife trade? If so, please take 5-10 minutes to participate in our horizon scan.

Wildlife Trade Futures is developing a comprehensive global database of policy options that have been implemented or proposed to control the spread of COVID-19 and other zoonotic diseases through wildlife trade in response to the pandemic. If you have expertise in this area, we would appreciate your help in assembling this database. Your participation will help generate information and knowledge that will be used to inform policy advocacy.

Please follow this link to participate in our ‘Horizon Scan’ of policies being proposed or implemented in the wildlife trade sector in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Before completing the survey, you will be provided with guidelines for submission and information about research ethics as well as how any data you provide will be stored. If you have any other questions before completing the survey, feel free to contact us using this form on our website.

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